Principled Project Management

January 16 2019

Manage your tasks, projects, programs, and portfolios with one unified and scalable tool.

[link]A First Principles approach[link]

WJ/task is a collaborative task management tool that is designed for those who appreciate the value a first principles approach. It combines features supporting hierarchical task management, threaded discussions, a powerful search engine, and much more.

The purpose of task management is to identify and track human action, where the term “action” has a broad range of specificity – we can talk about building a company, running a department, writing a program, fixing a bug in the program. Good task management software must account for this fact, by giving you a task tree, or task hierarchy.

Nobody knows your work better than you do, so no tool should presume for you what the precise structure for managing your tasks is. WJ/task gives you the freedom to decompose work to any desired level of precision – the task hierarchy becomes an organizational tool useful for everything from the broadest company objectives down to the smallest incidental task.

WJ/task is one the world’s first fully-hierarchical task management systems. It was deployed internally at Wissler-Jensen around 2011 and has been in active use ever since.


[link]Track creative and dynamic work flows[link]

We designed WJ/task for creativity and change. You can easily create new tasks, prioritize them, add task dependencies, and organize tasks as you might rearrange files on your computer. Our windowing feature means you can view your task hierarchy from multiple perspectives at once. WJ/task does not dogmatically presume your workflow, but allows you to fashion it to suit your ever-changing needs.

Task-centric discussions allow team members to follow discussion they’re interested in and ignore discussion they’re not. Your hierarchy becomes a searchable, living document of the discussion and reasoning around the decisions your team makes.

[link]Customizable Desktop System[link]

Our persistent Desktop system lets you focus on different aspects of your work, and resume tomorrow where you left off today.

[link]Journal & Notifications[link]

A Journal tracks the complete history of what is relevant to you, and notifies you of new or important items.


The key insight of WJ/task is that there’s no justifiable dichotomy between “high-level” work-breakdown structure-orientation and detailed task management; you need a seamless hierarchical decomposition of all tracked work across all scales. Therefore, in WJ/task each task represents a work unit which can be decomposed into an arbitrary level of precision by adding subordinate tasks. Such a structure provides the backbone upon which all other project management features should be built.

  • Unlimited task hierarchy
  • Task dependencies
  • Threaded discussion under each task
  • Powerful Apache Solr based search
  • A task journal (aka “feed”) that notifies and tracks relevant activity
  • Per-task alarms for due dates, reminders, recurring tasks, etc.
  • A web browser-based user interface that works on mobile devices
  • Time-tracking and invoicing, rolled up according to cost-accounts and patrons
  • A unique customizable persistent Desktop system to keep track of various aspects of your project
  • Comprehensive time-based index (Time Index)
  • Email integration
  • File attachments – upload/download files and view images from within WJ/task
  • Permission system that gives only partial access to select users
  • Data export; if you decide to stop using WJ/task, you can take your data with you
  • Virtually unlimited task “domains”, which are independent project areas with their own set of users and tasks
  • User manual

[link]Supported Platforms[link]


You should use a modern web browser:

  • Google Chrome 56 (January 2017) or later.
  • Opera 43 (February 2017) or later.
  • Firefox 51 (January 2017) or later.
  • Safari 10.1 (January 2017) or later.

(WJ/task may or may not work well or at all when using obsolete browser technology, and there is no support for such use. Internet Explorer 11.0.40 (March 2017) or later and Microsoft Edge with EdgeHTML 17.17134 (2018) or later has limited functionality and performance.)